To Armenia

From Medellin we went to the city of Armenia for the main part of the festival. This was the view from our hotel outside Armenia. The drive into the city from here took us past miles of coffee and banana farms. It was a little hard to leave this place.

The festival afterparty on the last night in Armenia. In the foreground are French artists Jerome Mulot, Florent Rupert and Peggy Burns.
At brunch the next day Power Paola had an amazing dress. She was one of many artists I met who I am very sorry not to be able to read. Her drawing is really great.
Below are some photos from out the window of the cab on the way up to Salento where we spent the weekend off before heading to Bogota. I missed a shot of an old discotheque which our driver said had been abandoned when two separate people claimed to have visions of the devil there.

This building was apparently once a discotheque run by one of Pablo Escobar's main lieutenants.
The next day in Salento we walked down to a coffee plantation and got a tour.

Sarah, Fran and Peggy.

These three guys were hanging out on the porch listening to super loud salsa music, holding it down, keeping it real.

These two guys helped out with the tour.

Anders Nilsen