Medellin: day... uh...

Okay, we're still on day one. But the evening. Mark and Vivi had us all over to their rooftop for a barbecue, with baby potatoes, masa cakes and all sorts of juicy little bits of meat to dip in various sauces. So good. this is as we arrived: Santiago, Karol, Fran Lopez and Sarah Glidden

Below: Santiago Garcia who was really fun to banter with re: whether Frank Miller or Alan Moore was a better writer in the 80's. The last night in Medellin he and I had a little on-stage talk about topics closer to home, including, to my surprise, my dad's house and how to draw skateboarders on a Mac in 1986.
This was the roof before the sun was all the way down.
And Sarah appreciating the evening sky.
Some shadows on the wall from the futbol field across the street.

A very difficult to read image of the spread, with Karol and Fran Lopez.
The faceless figure on the right is Jesus Cossio from Peru, who had a lot of great questions at my talks, and probably did more drawings of the city than anyone (possibly excepting Sarah?).
It started raining shortly after the food had been eaten (good timing) and we all went downstairs into the apartment. Below are the ghosts of Fran, Joni B, Santiago and Truchafrita.

Hosts Mark and Vivi are on the left.
Mark with the very-hard-to-photograph-black-cat.
The very-hard-to-photograph-black cat.

The last night in Medellin Sarah and I ended up getting drinks with Mark and Vivi in Poblado after my talk (Vivi did simultaneous interpreting... what?). They're the best. It's a great sign when you go to a comics festival and can spend a whole night discussing art and politics, education and city planning, the importance of libraries and public transport, place and family ties.

Anders Nilsen