Searching for Genevieve

Just put the search term "Genevieve" into the box on my blog. This is one of the things that came up, from 2011. Her house felt magical.

From 2011:

Here are some pictures from

Genevieve Castree


Phil Elverum

's house and church/studio in Anacortes, Washington. I stayed there on my way from Seattle to Vancouver, and it was awesome. Genevieve gave me a little jar of the most delicious tart cherry jam she'd made, gave me a tour of town, and told me the craziest story about Phil's great grandmother adopting a chimpanzee. Anacortes is great. I liked it there.

Collage of photographs of clouds and trees.

Spider Webs for Halloween, by Genevieve.

A small sample of Genevieve's studio. The one original page she had out (she's working on a book for D&Q) was kind of mind bogglingly beautiful. Nobody has such a thin, delicate yet confident line. And she pencils in orange.

The house reminded me a little of people's deceptively small, but liveable houses in New Hampshire, where my Dad lives. It might have partly been the residual smell of wood smoke.

Their flat files are nicer than mine.


Readying for a show the next day.

Some Croatian Neighbors had commissioned this painting of a seaside Village in Croatia, and then didn't like it. So they gave it to Genevieve and Phil. They have so far resisted the urge to paint a sea monster attacking the town.

My studio is smaller than this.

Anders Nilsen