Rain Taxi Benefit Auction

I donated a few pieces to

Rain Taxi

for their

fundraiser and auction

this year, including this original from

God and the Devil at War in the Garden

(it's inverted in the book). Most of the silhouette art from this story and from Rage of Poseidon doesn't really have coherent original art, so this is something of a rarity. Below that is a cover image I did a few years ago for Norton's

American Hybrid

poetry anthology (when RT's Eric Lorberer was at my house looking at originals he told me that that book became well known and, to some, deeply disliked among poetry fans following publication). Head to Rain Taxi's

ebay page

to see a panel from

Big Questions

and some drawings of movie stars from the 1920's that I did as sketches for Daisy and Tom Buchanan for a cover of the Great Gatsby in 2011.

Anders Nilsen