All About the Travels of Louella, Chapter 1

I uncovered this little hand made book in my mother's archives this morning. It's a little book of etchings I made for my little sister in probably 1994 or so, when she was 2 or 3. It's post Two Headed Boy, but pre-Big Questions. Its also a precurser to a more complete and refined book I made for her a few years later.

Just last Saturday I was talking with Jenny Schmid at Santopticlaus about why I'm not a good printmaker. I have little-to-no patience for involved processes and I always change my mind in the middle of printing. This is a good example. I was etching used plates, trying to do aquatint (gave up after the first two images), and just generally making a mess. Also I hadn't quite figured out how to write backwards on the plates, and the typewriter I was using was missing its 'w'. Still, this thing makes me smile. Needless to say "to be continued" didn't turn out to be quite true.

Anders Nilsen