Fumetto part 3

Here's a last dispatch from Fumetto. The hub of the festival was in a giant old swimming pool with this big glowing waterslide looming over the festivities.

This giant mural was painted by folks from Ampel Magazin.

One night the diving platform was used as a sort of stage. The shadows were cool.
Across the room, on the windows of the same space Anke Feuchtenberger and Stefano Ricci painted this giant black and white (the white is actually buttermilk: easy to wash off afterward) mural sponsored by Medecins Sans Frontieres. It looked best at night, but I wasn't smart enough to get my pictures then (except in the background in the last one below). Anke and Stefano are hugely influential as teachers, small press publishers and artists. And also really sweet people. Apparently Blank Slate Books in the UK is finally planning to publish Anke's work in English. Which is long overdue. Hopefully their editions make it to the States.

Above is part of the very enthusiastic audience at the drawing battle held Thursday night. I made it to the final round but was beaten by Olivier Schrauwen's assistant, Siemen. Here, from the first round, is my one-minute rendition from prompts interpreted to me as "straight ahead" and "Earwax".
Below are a few photos from Olivier Schrauwen's exhibition. Hilarious, beautiful, weird and inventive.

Finally, a picture from the small press exhibit. There was a ton of gorgeous stuff here, but I was most delighted to see that Icinori had a table. These guys rule. Might try to show some of their stuff at Lula sometime.
That's all. I was sorry not to get any photos of Ward Zwart's exhibition. It was awesome as well. Thanks to everyone that made the show happen. It was great.