Kim Winderman and David Uthus at Lula

Next Tuesday, 6-9 the Fall show opens at Lula Cafe. It features David Uthus and Kim Winderman. More about the show here. I'm really happy to have their work up. They're both singular photographers working, loosely speaking, with landscape photography in very different ways.
I came across Kim through the recommendation of Debbie Carlos, who we showed at Lula a year or so back. Based on the recommendation I assumed she was based in Chicago and promptly shot off an email. Turns out she's in L.A. and it took a little while to work out logistics. Her photos are quiet and dark. Intricate, moody abstraction found in natural forms.

I know David through skateboarding, mostly. He studied film and has done a lot of shooting for Pretty Skateboards in St Louis, as well as for the amazing Randy Ploesser. But he's got a fertile mind  and an eye for a certain variety of quiet moment and understated beauty and absurdity in the urban landscape. The shots in the show are all taken on his cellphone. Come by the opening and say hi.
Anders Nilsen