Adam Henry made some paintings

I met Adam Henry in freshman orientation for art students at the University of New Mexico in 1992. We immediately connected because we stood out as skaters. Big pants, baggy shirts, wrecked shoes. We've been friends ever since. And I could write a novel about all that's transpired in our lives since. But from that first year he's been the best, most quietly ambitious and committed painter I know. I mostly stopped painting after undergrad to tell stories, but talking to him about the medium – or whatever else he's doing (there were these amazing collages a few years back, too) always gets me stoked on making stuff. It's like clockwork. He's worked in all sorts of media in the last ten years, but in the last two or three he's come back to painting. With a vengeance. It feels to me like he's come home. He has a show up right now in New York at Joe Sheftel. Its only up for another week. So you should get down there.
Anders Nilsen