Somehow I missed the Liberty Bell

The night at Brickbat in Philadelphia was the night the Famous Canadian Cartoonist Flu of 2011 really took hold and I started feeling miserable. We stayed with the incredibly gracious Matt Leines and he outfitted me with the building's penthouse which had a private bathroom that was actually bigger than my bedroom at home. It was awesome. Below are a few pictures from the house, and in particular a bunch of Matt's art collection, which was amazing. Stuff by Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, R. Kikuo Johnson, Brian Chippendale, Marc and a bunch of others. The giant triangle is Matt's

This is another of Matt's:

The piece below was one of the coolest things on the walls. A small found object model of a telephone pole in a box frame.

A whole mess of tigers:
Lastly, here are a couple of photos from the event at Desert Island in Brooklyn. Huge thanks to Gabe for making it great.