Recent Happenings in the Press

I made a sidebar (see right) with links to some of the reviews and other articles that have come out in the last few weeks regarding Big Questions. The interviews at Publisher's Weekly and Comic Book Resources, and the article in the Chicago Tribune are the most extensive and wide ranging. I just read over the one from the CBR site and was really pleasantly surprised--I did the interview while driving the rental car, between Portland and Seattle, and I remember feeling a bit distracted. But I don't think I come across that way. Alex Dueben had some really good questions and did his homework. A sample:

If we looked back at your sketchbooks as a kid, what would we see? Would we see a lot of nature studies and animal drawings?
Probably not. I remember there's a lot of Dungeons and Dragons characters. There's a lot of kids skateboarding and skate parks. In high school I started drawing skulls a lot. [Laughs] I definitely had that phase. I would draw these hot rods with giant engines and flames coming out of them and weird troll creatures driving them. Whatever came across my path I would draw.

Also discussed:
–whether the landscape of North Dakota is bleak
–comics and democracy
–how the Xeric Grant is like a golden egg
–lulling your reader into complacency and then sticking a knife in their ribs

James Romberger's piece at PW and Christopher Borelli's in the Trib are equally attentive and thoughtful readings (even if Borelli did say I was a server at Lula. Blasphemy--I was a cook). The press so far has been gratifying and humbling.