The Same Room Twice


I spent the first week of July in Berlin at the Forecast Forum doing, among other things, a large wall drawing extending around all four walls of a room at the art space Radialsystem. The piece was called Walking in Circles and after being on display for a day, it was painted over and the room was returned to its former condition. With the help of Forecast and Radialsystem I documented the creation of the piece with the timelapse video below. A second video after that allows folks that weren’t in the audience Friday night to read the full piece. Many thanks to my hosts for allowing me the opportunity. I’ve always worked in a variety of styles, and form and content are always very much of a piece in my work. It was really fun to draw a comic on the walls of a room and have that circumstance intertwine itself into the content of the piece. It’s not a piece that could have existed on paper.

Here’s the time lapse video:

And here’s the full piece:

Walking in Circles doesn’t exist anymore, but the piece, while unique in my body of work in obvious ways, is nevertheless closely related to a couple of accordion books I’ve done in the last couple of years which are also landscapes with stories unfolding through them. Those are Adam and Eve Sneak Back into the Garden to Steal More Apples and Box Landscape with Chase Scene.

Music is by The Books and Oneohtrix Point Never.