Looking for Mentees: Applications are Open

I’m delighted and honored to announce that I’ll be a mentor with the Berlin-based Forecast in 2019 and 2020. Forecast is a unique and remarkable program that pairs established artists in a variety of media with young and emerging artists to work together for a year, internationally. Find out about the program at their site, and apply here by March 1st. Scroll down for a video I made to give a sense of my approach (or click here – thanks to Thom Mirem).

I am looking for a mentee who tells stories, or unfolds ideas with pictures – maybe this means making comics, maybe not; who is interested in the possibilities of books as both a container for stories and as objects in and of themselves. The ideal candidate is probably someone who draws a lot and has some thoughts about the weird, ever-mutating relationship of artists and audiences. I’m looking forward to conversations about what the whole point of telling stories and making art is about in general, but I don’t expect a mentee to have all this stuff figured out, or even to necessarily know what they are doing (I don’t, usually, and like it that way), only to be interested, curious, and engaged. And if you don’t think any of the above applies to you, but are interested, please apply anyway, I’m hoping I’ll get some applications that will surprise me in some way.

Here’s my little video:

Anders Nilsen