Toward a Conceptual Framework for Understanding One's Individual Relationship to the Totality of the Universe in Three Simple Diagrams

A strip I did for the New York Times, with a slightly abbreviated version of the above title, went up on their site today,


. Word is it'll be in the paper on Sunday. Below is a quick shot of the 'originals'. The piece changed a lot. 

One thing that apparently happens when you have a piece on such a platform is that your email gets weird. Mostly messages have been quite complimentary, but one was an outraged critique of the grammar in the title (not my construction, though it sounded fine to me), and another was simply a link to a site purported to prove the existence of God. Which means at least one person out there is good at reading subtext.

Major thank you to

Nathan Huang

for making the piece happen.

Anders Nilsen