Tongues Four-Issue Subscription (U.S.)

Tongues Four-Issue Subscription (U.S.)


A four-issue subscription to Tongues for readers in the U.S.. You’ll get one copy each of numbers 2-5 when they come out (or 1-4 if you’re new to the series). We’ll be doing our damnedest to get them out twice yearly, but we can’t guarantee a strict schedule (maybe you’ve noticed). But we’ll keep you posted. Subscribers will receive a premium gift with each issue (so far this has been a behind-the-scenes/process zine for issue numbers 1 and 2) as a token of our appreciation. A huge part of making this venture work is the goodwill and support of readers. We couldn’t do it without you. So, thanks.

The small print:

You can specify which four issues you want at checkout: 1-4 or 2-5.

We’ll try and stay on top of things, but if you move before you receive your full subscription, let us know your new address so nothing gets lost.

And again, thank you for the support.

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