Monthly Supporter

Monthly Supporter

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I feel incredibly lucky that I get to draw pictures and tell stories for a living, but as any cartoonist will tell you, it's not a way to get rich – even paying the rent on time every month can feel like a victory – and a sudden, unexpected large expense, like, say, the recent end-of-life medical bills for my beloved cat Tiny can throw everything into crisis. I want to give folks with means and interest a chance to help me do what I do beyond just buying my work. Sign up here to become a patron. There are four levels, each with attached benefits.

Level One: Medici: You will get a postcard from me once a year, access to a digital mixed tape of music (I usually do this around September for a tape club I’m part of), and my very great thanks. $3 / mo.

Level Two: Guggenheim: You’ll get a postcard, access to my digital mixed tape, and a print at the subscription year’s anniversary And also my sincere thanks. $5 / mo.

Level Three: Pompidou: Pompidou supporters will receive a postcard from me, an actual cassette with handmade insert (also access to a digital version) and a print at the year’s subscription anniversary. And also my undying gratitude. $8 / mo.

Level Four: Macarthur: These donors will receive everything from Level Three as well as an additional hand-drawn postcard from me at the subscription year’s anniversary. $15 / mo.

If commitment isn’t your thing - I also have a one-time donation page.