Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow


Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow is an eloquent appreciation of the time the author shared with his fiancée, Cheryl Weaver. The story is told using artifacts of the couple’s life together, including early love notes, simple and poetic postcards, tales of their travels in written and comics form, journal entries, and drawings done in the hospital in her final days. It concludes with a beautifully rendered account of Weaver’s memorial that Glen David Gold, writing in the Los Angeles Times, called “16 panels of beauty and grace.”

Winner of the Ignatz Prize for Outstanding Graphic Novel the year it came out in a limited edition, this collection includes a new afterword written by Nilsen.

Hardcover, 96 pages.


“ The effect of words and images together is as poetic and crushing as any elegy for a loved one could be.”


“What to say about this book? What you say about all great books: as little as possible. Buy it. Read it. It does what great art does best: makes you stop and look around. Makes you want to keep on living.”


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