Dogs and Water (hardcover)

Dogs and Water (hardcover)


An existentialist coming-of-age fable set in a timeless dream-world.  Dogs & Water chronicles pieces of a lonely journey without origin or destination. A young man wanders a vacant, war-torn landscape with only a mute stuffed bear as a companion, which inertly endures his desperation, anger and musings along the way. 

Dogs & Water received an Ignatz award for "Outstanding Story" and has been translated into several languages internationally. This hardcover edition features a few new pages and panels not included in the original saddle-stitched comic.

Hardcover, 96 pages.

Published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2007.

“Nilsen’s art is filled with amazing white space showing a true sense of human loneliness. Above all else, the work echoes our need to be heard, even if only by ourselves.”


“Nilsen creates an epic landscape of desolation and doubt.”


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