Rage of Poseidon

Rage of Poseidon


Rage of Poseidon is a collection of seven short stories drawing from the stories of Greek and Christian mythology set in various versions of the contemporary world. A darkly funny meditation on religion and faith with a modern twist, bringing all the philosophical depth of Nilsen's earlier work to bear on contemporary society.

The book continues Nilsen's experimentation with the book form, being an accordion book, which is a single 50 foot long sheet of paper if pulled all the way out of the cover.

Hardcover, 80 pages.

“Whether writing through birds or gods, the mundane or the divine, Nilsen’s true subject matter remains much the same: explorations of metaphysical and existential concerns, here more directly concerned with faith and religion than elsewhere... the stories and their surface content, the writing and the illustration make this perhaps Nilsen’s most readily accessible work to date.  ”


“The artist uses mythic figures to inquire into the peculiarities of human behavior. Nilsen culls his cast of characters from Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions, but he endows these deities and patriarchs with all-too-human failings, and thrusts them into the contemporary world. So in these stories, Poseidon rages, God sulks, and Athena goes on a bender, while Jesus drives a pick-up and Bacchus holds court in Vegas. ”


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