Choose Your Own Adventure Print

Choose Your Own Adventure Print

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You probably know better than we do what, if anything, you want to put on your wall, so as a little experiment we’re making it possible for folks to have a high quality print made from any of the images or drawings on the website. In particular, check the ILLUSTRATION and DRAWING & PAINTING pages for examples. In theory you could also name a page from one of Nilsen’s books, too. Go nuts.

At checkout you will be prompted to describe the image, so we know what you’re talking about. Alternatively feel free to screen grab it and send us an email.

SIZE: You’ll also be prompted to choose one of two sizes at checkout: 13” x 19” or 17” x 24”. Of course different pieces are different sizes and orientations, so if we need to alter those dimensions more than a little bit, we’ll let you know by email.

All prints are high quality Archival Pigment on Cold Press Natural Watercolor paper, which is nice and thick and has a little toothiness to it.

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