Big Questions

Big Questions

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This haunting postmodern fable follows a group of birds in a vast open plain confronted with a fallen aircraft, its lost pilot and an inscrutable young boy encountering the world on his own for the first time. Winner of an Ignatz award for Outstanding Graphic Novel, the Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize and listed among the New York Times 100 notable books the year it came out.

Softcover, 592 pages.

“Rapturous, meticulous pen-and-ink pointillism... a sprawling, uncanny work about fate and death whose stakes spiral upward while its scope remains confined to a few small creatures’ territory.”


“The real beauty of Big Questions is that it doesn’t strive to answer. Through love, loss and tinges of dark humour, the meaning of it all remains as wide open as the landscape on which the actions unfold.”


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